Before you begin you will need all the item details, including an estimate of what you paid for it and high quality images.

Please ensure the items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, ready to go to it’s new home.



Create your account with Lullabuy here.

Once your Lullabuy account is created, you can register to become a seller on the account page here.

You can use this seller account every time you list an item with us.

Before listing an item please read our T&C’s here.



Enter your product details and upload your images on your account page here.

When you have finished your listing, press submit to send it to the Lullabuy team for review.

Photo guidelines: Please ensure you include a photo of the front, back, sides and photos of any imperfections. Take these photos in natural light on a white (preferred) or neutral background. You can upload up to 5 images.



Lullabuy will review your item and let you know if it is suitable to sell. We will be in touch shortly on confirmation of your item being accepted and the details of the sale.

You will be notified for any updates to your listing, or if your listing was sold.

Our Tips & Tricks
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Describing your product:

The more information you can provide the better! This helps buyers understand what you're selling and ensures a quick and easy sale!

A quick trick is to copy & paste the product description off the original retailer site.

One of the way's Lullabuy regulates sales is by setting condition standards. We accept product under these 5 conditions:

  • BNWT – Brand new with tags / original packaging
  • BNWOT – Brand new without tags/ original packaging
  • As new condition – no wear and tear, used a handful of times
  • Good condition, lightly used – no obvious marks, damage
  • Good condition, well used – has some marks and signs of normal wear and tear
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Pricing Your Product:

Lullabuy will reserve the right to sell product for the price we think will work best for sellers and buyers. We want to ensure a quick sale for you at the highest sale price and we've been doing this for a while and have a good idea of what buyers are willing to pay.

As a guide here are some common products & average sale prices:

Dockatot $200

Nuna leaf + wind $500

Snoo $2700

Charlie Crane levo Bouncer $400

Edwards and co pram $800

Rockit baby Rocker $60

Owlet Monitor $480

Prada baby bag $900

Gucci baby bag $1200

Coach baby bag $500

Bassinets $300-$500

Baby Bjorn front pack $250